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Filled every 1-3 weeks

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Not-So-Secret Secrets From The Beauty Vault

If eyes are the windows to the soul, accessorize them with the perfect lashes! Shot Bar has opened up The Beauty Vault, where we’re offering nail sets and eyelash extensions in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Get these fully customized services for an absolutely stunning look that says, “I’m the one to watch.” You’ll be treated like royalty by the Beauty Vault Team, Lala and Olha–our master artisans of lash and nail, respectively. Beauty is power, so get the secret weapons to give you the upper hand, everywhere you go!

The Beauty Vault Signature Lash Sets

The total time for a consultation and full set of lash extensions will be 2.5-3 hours. Your lashes will be tailored to your eyes and style during your lash mapping consultation, for a look that’s perfectly you.





Kitten Lashes provide a dark, sultry lash line with purrr-fectly subtle drama. These volume lash extensions have long-lasting retention and a beautiful, fluffy curl. Kitten Lashes are our lightest volume lashes and use a dark 2D fan to enhance your eyes with a more natural look. They are the most subtle of all our lashes in Shot Bar’s Beauty Vault and a fantastic place to start if you’re new to extensions. Meowww!




Flirt Lash extensions subtly accentuate your eyes with a fluffy light lash, a dark lash line, and a perfect curl. Flirt Lashes are a 3D fan and a bit less dramatic than our Pin-Up or Shot Bar Bombshell Lashes, but more stand out than our Kitten Lashes, offering the perfect hybrid light volume look in Lincoln Park, Chicago.




Pin-Up Lashes are a 3D fan with a spike in the middle, making them extra wispy and flirty. These volume lash extensions are lightweight and long-lasting with a perfect curl. Our beautiful Pin-Up Lashes are slightly more subtle than our Shot Bar Bombshell Lashes but don’t worry, they will still make you the center of attention, Babe.


Shot Bar Bombshell


Shot Bar Bombshell Lashes are our favorite set in Shot Bar MedSpa’s Beauty Vault! These stunning volume lashes are a 5D Fan with perfect curl and a super dark lash line for a look that’s 100% show-stopping glamour. Shot Bar Bombshell Lashes are fluffy, surprisingly lightweight, and have incredible retention for long-term volume and drama.


Lash Refills

Mini Lash Extension Fill (30 mins or less) $75
Regular Lash Extension Fill (30 min-1 hour) $150
Extended Lash Extension Fill (1 hour-2.5 hours) $150-price of full lash set

Fill in missing lashes and add extensions to new lash growth at The Shot Bar MedSpa Beauty Vault in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Lash fills are priced in 30-minute increments. Please take note of your lash extension retention and book your appointment length generously so we have enough time for you, Babe. At the end of your service, we’ll only charge you for the time you use.

Unfortunately, because we cannot guarantee the work of other lash artists, we do not fill eyelash extensions not lashed in in The Beauty Vault at Shot Bar MedSpa. If you will plan to come to your appointment with foreign eyelash extensions, please book a full set and we will start your service with a complimentary removal before applying your fresh lashes.


Lash Removal

If you need a break from lashes and just want your extensions removed there is a $30 charge for this service. However, if you need your lashes removed before getting a fresh full set, it is complimentary.



Keratin Lash Lift & Tint

Toss out your lash curler and say goodbye to mascara, because with a keratin lift and tint (aka “lash Botox”), you can have stunning lashes that last up to 8 weeks. Roll out of bed with luscious, curled, dark lashes. You won’t have to lift a finger, and you’ll have a beautiful curl and a tint color exactly to your taste. The keratin infusion is fantastic for the health, growth, and longevity of your lashes. So come upgrade your natural lashes at The Beauty Vault!

The Play-by-Play

The Lash Extension Process

Step 1


When you arrive for your lash extension consultation, you’ll have some paperwork to do and then we’ll start talking about the style of set that you want. Part of this process includes mapping your eyes to find the perfect way to shape your new extensions.

Step 2


When possible, please come to your lash extension appointment in Lincoln Park with a clean face (sans makeup and sunscreen) and rocking glasses. Or come a little early and be prepared to remove your contacts and wash your face when you arrive. Expect the total time of your lash appointment to be about 2.5-3 hours if you’re getting a full set. We want your lashes to be absolutely perfect for you–no rushing.

Step 3

Next Steps

Lash lovers rejoice! Our lash work is always beautiful and our signature sets are lightweight, and have amazing longevity. Pricing will be dependent on the service and style of lash you choose, and you’ll walk out of The Beauty Vault in Shot Bar MedSpa with a gorgeous, curled, volumized lashline–in the perfect style for you.

We Raise the Bar

Raise your expectations with our eyelash extensions in Lincoln Park, Chicago, or get matched with a different treatment with our Virtual Consultation Tool. Just input your unique concerns and get treatment recommendations from our team.


Trust Us, Gorgeous

When you get your cosmetic services from The Beauty Vault at Shot Bar, you’re getting style that makes you stand out, not blend in. You’re a trendsetter with a discerning eye for glamour and you don’t follow, you lead. You know what the next “it” thing is about to be before everyone else does, and you’re not afraid to make waves. You pick Shot Bar MedSpa because we’re here to make a statement: Beauty knows no boundaries, and neither do we.


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