Botox and Fillers in Lincoln Park


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Consultation Required?


Session Length

30 to 60 min

# of Sessions Needed


Results Duration

3+ months

What It’s Good For

Fine Lines


Restoring Lost Volume

Lack of Definition

TMJ & Tension Pain

Correcting Facial Asymmetry

Excessive Sweating

Folds & Loose Skin

You’re a Work of Art

At Shot Bar, science and art merge when it comes to aesthetics injectables. We offer wrinkle relaxers and hyaluronic acid fillers in Lincoln Park, Chicago. We’re the medical aesthetics artists of your dreams, and we’ve got the training to back it up. So if you want your face treated like the work of art it already is, check out our injectable options for shaping, filling, and getting rid of those annoying lines, folds, and wrinkles. At Shot Bar, you’ll feel like the Venus de Milo.

What We’ve Got

Wrinkle Relaxers

Shot Bar offers Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. They’re great treatments for wrinkles, and they can also be used for pain caused by TMJ!

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We have the highest-grade hyaluronic acid fillers available for our patients: the RHA Collection, Revanesse, and Restylane product lines.

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For the Science Babes

Shot Bar offers fillers made of the highest quality hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our skin. Once injected, these fillers can last for 6 to 12 months.

Our wrinkle relaxer brands include Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox. These injectables block nerve signals that cause muscle contractions, and they’re approved for relaxing wrinkles and easing chronic tension headaches.

Combining your Botox and fillers in Lincoln Park into your custom treatment plan means you get the incredible results of both!

The Play-by-Play

The Injectable Process

Step 1


For Botox and fillers in Lincoln Park, we need to have a consultation with you where we’ll discuss your concerns and what outcome you would like to achieve. The better we know your skin concerns and health history the more personalized your specific treatment plan can be. Your consultation will make you a certified Shot Bar Hotshot!

Step 2


When you show up for your treatment appointment, one of our trained injectors will map out the points of your face for treatment. That way, you can approve it beforehand. Most patients tolerate these injections well, and treatments are quick. We’ll use a small needle to inject your filler or neurotoxin into the mapped areas.

Step 3

Next Steps

There is minimal downtime and recovery with our injections.  Depending on your treatment, you will begin to notice results soon after or within the next few days. In the next 24 hours we ask that you avoid sleeping on your side or face, and don’t rub or touch the area to avoid spreading the filler or neurotoxin while it settles.

The Glow-Ups

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We Raise the Bar

You’ve made it this far. Try Shot Bar for Botox and fillers in Lincoln Park. Or try our virtual consultation to get personalized matches to treatments based on your concerns.


Trust Us, Gorgeous

Shot Bar has the treatments you need to feel like a beauty superhero! Lindsey Sikora, Shot Bar’s owner, worked as a nurse for over a decade, so she knows what treatments are clinically sound. Two years ago, she established Shot Bar as a place for people who love rebellious vibes, confidence, and effective beauty treatments. At Shot Bar, aesthetics and wellness treatments aren’t about “zen.” They’re about results!


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