Laser Hair Removal in Lincoln Park

Cervello Laser Hair Removal

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Session Length

30 minutes

# of Sessions Needed

6 to 12

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What It’s Good For

This treatment can be used anywhere you have hair.

Yes, you heard us.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Do you carry tweezers and a mirror with you everywhere you go? Are ingrown hairs causing painful red bumps on your face and body? Do you wince at the thought of returning to a summer waxing routine? Shot Bar will help you kill the root of the problem with laser hair removal in Lincoln Park. Within two sessions, you’ll notice a difference. And within 6 to 12, it’ll be smooth sailing. Trust us. Shot Bar’s laser hair removal treatments are the best way to prevent this issue from getting too… hairy!

Why We Love It


Cervello is the only laser hair removal device to feature a cooling sapphire tip, providing skin contact cooling. This tip reduces the risk of burns and improves patient comfort without compromising effectiveness.


The Cervello diode laser can be used safely and effectively on all skin types because of its cooling technology and its three wavelengths. This allows us to target hairs in multiple stages of growth.


Laser hair removal is a faster process than ever before. Each treatment session takes no more than 30 minutes. Additionally, Cervello’s ability to target multiple stages of growth makes sessions more productive.

For the Science Babes

In the laser hair removal process, a laser is passed over the hair follicles while emitting light that is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. This heats up those follicles and kills them, preventing further hair growth.

The Cerevello laser features cooling technology to offset the heat of a typical laser treatment, ensuring safer treatment on higher settings and increasing the patient’s comfort during the procedure.

The Play-by-Play

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Step 1


Before your appointment for laser hair removal in Lincoln Park, shave the area to be treated and avoid waxing, plucking, or bleaching the month prior. Certain medications don’t do well with laser hair removal (such as antibiotics and Accutane). Also, avoid sun exposure to the area being treated, and reschedule if you develop any skin issues.

Step 2


Your provider will have you sit or lie down in a comfortable position for the duration of the procedure. The laser will be passed across the treatment area at an intensity level adjusted to your skin tone and tolerance. Since laser hair removal is not entirely painless, your provider will take care to ensure your comfort with the laser settings.

Step 3


For at least two days after your laser hair removal treatment, we recommend avoiding overly hot baths and showers, chlorine pools, as well as bleaching creams. If the area is itchy or red, applying a cold compress should help. Don’t use creams or lotions with harsh active ingredients or fragrances. Be sure to steer clear of tweezing and waxing for the duration of your treatment sessions.

We Raise the Bar

Raise your expectations with laser hair removal in Lincoln Park, Chicago, or try a virtual consultation to get matched to other treatments. Just put in your unique concerns and get personalized recommendations!


Trust Us, Gorgeous

At Shot Bar, we’re not here to mess around. We have treatments you won’t find at just any old med spa. We’re all about treatments backed by science and designed to make you feel like a beauty superhero!

Lindsey Sikora (MSN, APRN, FNP-BC) provides Shot Bar with unparalleled medical expertise in beauty and skin care. Lindsey has founded Shot Bar as a place with personality and rigorously tested treatments. Shot Bar doesn’t fit the stereotype of a calm spa with dim lighting and stock-photo art. No “zen”—just results.


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