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What We’re About

At Shot Bar MedSpa, we’re all about treatments backed by research, but we do it with color, energy, and fun! Shot Bar is here to help you become your beauty-boss self with real results. Your skin is a living, breathing thing that deserves expert care. We’ve got you (and your skin) covered.

What makes us different? We’re glad you asked! As a medical spa in Lincoln Park, Chicago, we understand the unique struggles our patients face in this city. We know what it takes to look and feel incredible here, no matter if your job has you indoors or outdoors, up late or up early. We’ve got a way to help you through it all.

How We Got Here

Since it opened, Shot Bar has been shaking things up, providing medical-grade treatments with proven results. And we don’t plan on stopping.

Whatever skin or wellness struggles you’re facing, Lindsey and the Shot Bar team have the treatment for you.

Lindsey Sikora practiced medicine for over a decade before opening Shot Bar. She was inspired to create a new place for modern medical aesthetic treatments, a place that has its own personality. Her career in medicine has helped set Shot Bar apart as a medical spa in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Shot Bar’s treatments are rooted in Lindsey’s passion for medical science and her extensive experience in the field.  During her medical career, she worked as a nurse practitioner in internal medicine, critical care, hospital medicine, long-term acute care, and in an outpatient setting. She also worked as a registered nurse in Level 1 trauma, emergency room, and intensive care.

Lindsey has always been adamant that Shot Bar only provides evidence-based medical treatments. That condition makes us unique—thoroughly researched treatments for unparalleled results.

Why We’re So Cool


We’re not here to mess around, we’re here to give you results. Our beauty arsenal is exhaustively researched and clinically proven to deliver the results you’re looking for. We want to make you feel like the real deal—because you are!


At our medical spa in Lincoln Park, we don’t leave you on your own. Whether it’s for advice about medical weight loss or questions about our body sculpting treatments, you can contact Lindsey directly for whatever support you need.


When it comes to our patients, we ensure the best experience in every way possible. From our quiet service to offering treatments that work for all skin types, we are dedicated to ensuring everyone feels seen and understood.

Who We Are

Shot Bar’s team is stoked to help you become a real glow-getter! With over a decade of experience behind your personalized treatment plan, Lindsey and her team work their magic to help their patients accomplish their skin, health and wellness goals. Meet these wildly talented femme fatales right here!

Meet Our Squad

How We Do It

If you’re looking for off-white walls and a sleepy atmosphere, Shot Bar is not it. We’re not here to offer you an experience surrounded by candles, waterfalls, and rain noises. What we’re here to do is support you all the way to the finish line.

Maybe you’ve got an uphill battle with your skin or with your health. Well, we’ve got honest answers to your questions, medical-grade treatments, and the knowledge to explain how it all works.

What gives us life at Shot Bar? Treatments that make you confident enough to take selfies captioned “I woke up like this!”

Shot Bar

What We’re Like

Shot Bar isn’t your typical medical spa. We’re all about giving confidence, honesty, and motivation! We gave our medical spa its own personality. It’s a fashion-forward, colorful place where our favorite music plays all day.

We’re game-changers, style rebels, fun-seekers, and glow-getters. We know who we are and what we want. We want our beauty heroes and heroines to have that feeling, too. That’s why we’re so picky about our treatments—we provide only the most effective aesthetics and wellness treatments at our medical spa in Lincoln Park.

Rave Reviews (From Hotshots Like You!)

  • I love visiting Lindsey at Shot Bar. I’ve been going there for several months for laser hair removal which has been FAR less painful and more effective than others I have tried in the past! Also have loved the geneo facials and PRX treatments. Lindsey is professional, super informative, and does a great job! Shotbar is very clean and inviting!

    - Anna Wietor

  • Lindsey is amazing. She does such an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier! She is so gentle and knows exactly what she is doing. I am thrilled

    - Brianna Silberschein

  • I was so lucky to find the Shot Bar after moving to Chicago! I had to search for so long to find a MedSpa that offered cutting edge treatments! Lindsey is AMAZING; I have skin that is hard to treat as I hyperpigment very easily and I feel SAFE with her! I tried SofWave with no issues…this is a MUST HAVE Treatment for tightening and lifting. Can’t wait to try Tixel too!

    - Carla Harvey

  • Living in Lincoln Park, I passed Shot Bar on my daily commute and decided to make an appointment for a consultation with Lindsey. She was very thorough and took her time both listening and giving her recommendation for Dysport. I wanted a more natural look with movement in my facial expressions and Lindsey did a fantastic job!! I highly recommend Shot Bar!

    - Colleen Lyons

  • Lindsey is amazing! I go to her for all my injectable needs. Literally will change your life!

    - Daniel Fabry

  • Love the Nurse Practitioners- edgy style, absolutely love the Tixel and Botox was done perfectly! Highly recommend this Med Spa

    - Deb Shroeder

  • Lindsey is the best of the best!! I started going to her in April and she always delivers! I have gotten botox and fillers with Lindsey and wouldn’t go anywhere else!

    - Deirdre Harty

  • Lindsey is the best! I’ve seen her for several services, including filler, Botox and laser hair removal. She’s super knowledgeable and has the best products! 10/10 recommend!!!!

    - Emily Holbrook

  • Lindsey is incredible! She takes her time to tailor your individual needs per treatment and explains everything thoroughly prior. Top of the line equipment.

    - Gabriella Finucane

  • Lindsay is an amazing injector, I always feel comfortable in her chair and her results are amazing! Won’t go to anyone else.

    - Hayley Morlock

  • I’ve seen Lindsey for Tixel, Sofwave, and an oxygen facial and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and the services she provides. She’s knowledgeable, patient, and honest about what route you should take for your skin. Highly recommend!

    - Jessica Olstein

  • Lindsey is a modern day Anne Sullivan, a true miracle worker! I had HUGE bags under my eyes, that always kept me in glasses. Tried everything from cucumbers, to cold compresses, to expensive creams; absolutely nothing worked until I saw Lindsey. Instantaneously, Lindsey (who is an NP btw) knew what to do. First she used the Tixel on me.

    - Jordan Subrinksy

  • Best experience I have ever had. I’m 71 years old and been using enhancing for years.. literally
    Got to go to Shot Bar.. Lindsey is crazy amazing!!
    She is a 5 star by far!!!

    - Julie Bush

  • I have had amazing weight loss results (45 lbs down) working with Lindsey & would recommend her to anyone.

    - Katelyn Thompson

  • Do yourself a favor, go see Lindsey! She is so sweet, professional and Shot Bar Medspa is the absolute cutest. She offers many different services and custom fits you to each. Always natural results! I promise you will feel comfortable and confident knowing Lindsey will take great care of you!

    - Kiley Hackbarth

  • I started seeing Lindsey at Shot Bar in December to try weight loss shots, and I have been amazed with the result! (45 pounds down!). I pretty quickly started trying other treatments that Lindsey offers because of how focused she is on study-backed technologies with proven results.

    - Lindsey Dadourian

  • I’ve been going to Lindsey at Shot Bar for about two months now and the results are already showing! My neck and jawline are definitely seeing the benefits of Tixel after only two treatments! And, my skin quality has never been better!!

    - Lindsey Silberschein

  • I saw Lindsey at Shot Bar for Tixel treatments to reduce surgical scarring and absolutely loved how comfortable she made me feel and how informative she was (because, yes, I always ask a zillion questions about everything). Since then, I’ve been back for Botox, threads and now semaglutide weight loss.

    - Lisa Allen

  • Lindsey is the best of the best for all treatments! I started with lip filler and then botox and she nails it every time. She is so knowledgeable and really listens and explains any concerns/questions you may have. She tailors each treatment to fit your face frame and only does what is needed. Lindsey makes the process easy and comfortable!

    - Marykate Mossman

  • I heard about Shot Bar at Tavern on Rush for Ladies night. My Best Freind won a treatment and we met the Lindsey that evening. We went in the next week and my friend got her treatment and then Lindsey was able to Do my Filler and Botox right there.

    - Merissa Yono

  • Lindsey, the owner, is fabulous! The minute you walk through the door she puts you at ease. It was my first time doing Botox and she listened to me and explained everything she was doing. I can’t stop looking in the mirror, it exceeded my expectations . I was asking a ton of questions about all her other services and she was beyond knowledgeable.

    - Samantha Horn

  • Lindsey truly is the best of the best when it comes to all things health and beauty. I was referred to Lindsey by a friend a few months ago and I have been loving the treatment plan I’m on with her for weight loss. She has a deep knowledge on the beauty industry and is on top of the latest medical grade treatments and weight loss treatments.

    - Taylor Cowdrey

  • I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the rejuvenating services at ShotBar MedSpa, and I must say, it was an absolute delight! Nestled in a chic and contemporary setting, this medspa combines the best of both worlds – a relaxing atmosphere and cutting-edge treatments.

    - Victoria Kent

  • Hi there. I wanted body contouring. I read on Google that Sofwave Softwave ? is like coolsculping without side effects. Research for yourself. Lindsey did a nice job.

    - Wcoast Sun

What’s Hot?

At Shot Bar, we are constantly looking for new ways to have fun, find our people, and offer fan-favorite steals on treatments. That’s what makes us great hosts! Our regular events help us spread the word about Shot Bar–the place where everyone who walks in gets to be glamorous. Check out our calendar and RSVP today!


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