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Sofwave Plus Pure Impact

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Session Length

30 minutes

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Results Duration

2 to 3 months

What It’s Good For




Electric Plyometrics

Try saying that five times fast. If you’re into fitness, you might already know what plyometrics are. (It’s really just jumping.) Well, Sofwave Pure Impact is the newest technology to emulate plyometric training with electric muscle stimulation. Shot Bar is the second med spa in the country to offer this technology for muscle toning and body contouring in Lincoln Park.

It’s fancy stuff, offering muscle stimulation in multiple areas in one session, without any recovery needed afterward. You can strengthen abdominal muscles, butt, and thighs for lean curves–no jump rope or hopscotch games needed!

Why We Love It


Sofwave uses multiple electrode pairings to be able to create muscle stimulation pairings that simulate plyometric movements. In other words, it’s way better at tricking your muscles into thinking you’re doing real exercises!

More Comfort

Because there are 8 electrodes, and because there’s no bulky equipment, the options for treatment are much more adaptable, improving your comfort.


The results don’t lie; this treatment works crazy well! It’s also FDA-cleared for strengthening, toning, and firming your abs, butt, and thighs–that means you’ve got no excuse not to try it out!

For the Science Babes

So how does electrical muscle stimulation work? EMS devices use electrodes that send an electrical current through an area to contract muscles. Not only that but the same current can repeat those contractions super quickly to strengthen muscles.

Outside of aesthetics, other EMS devices are used in physical therapy and pain management. Because electrical currents can help stimulate nerves and muscle fibers, this is a great option if you are trying to work out difficult areas and not seeing results from your training by itself.

The Play-by-Play

The Pure Impact Process

Step 1


To start treatment with Pure Impact body contouring in Lincoln Park, you’ll be invited to Shot Bar for a consultation. We’ll talk about your goals for treatment, and go over your questions, comments, and concerns. Once we have gotten to know a little bit more about you and what you need, we’ll create your plan and get you scheduled.

Step 2


For your appointment, be sure to wear comfortable clothes. Before applying the electrodes, we will make sure you are in a comfortable position. Most patients find the procedure painless. We recommend starting out with at least 4 sessions to see the best results, though your needs will vary based on your goals.

Step 3


There is no downtime necessary for this treatment! We recommend staying hydrated and massaging your treated areas. You should start with sessions 2 times a week and then monthly sessions for maintenance. Because you won’t need to recover, you can get this treatment done and then go about your regular day!

We Raise the Bar

Raise your expectations for results with body contouring in Lincoln Park, or get matched to another treatment with our Virtual Consultation Tool! Just input your unique concerns to get personalized recommendations from our team.


Trust Us, Gorgeous

Shot Bar’s treatments don’t need to hide behind a beige color palette and soothing music–we’re about results! Our owner uses her training as a nurse to find the latest treatments with proven methods that get you to your goals. We’re offering groundbreaking aesthetic treatments in a space for those who agree beauty should be fierce, fearless, and on your own terms. Because beauty knows no boundaries, and neither do we.


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