Glo2Facial in Lincoln Park

Glo2Facial by Geneo

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Consultation Required?


Session Length

30 minutes

# of Sessions Needed


Results Duration

2 to 3 weeks

What It’s Good For

Fine Lines





Congested Skin

Dull Skin

Signs of Aging

Enlarged Pores

Get a No-Filter Glo

Organic beauty gurus, this facial is for you. Combine gentle exfoliation with ultrasound and massage, add oxygenation and a customized serum—all with the Glo2Facial by Geneo!

This facial does wonders for your skin. It has seven serums for customization—Glam (aging), Balance (acne), Illuminate (uneven pigmentation), Revive (dullness), Retouch (Texture), Hydrate (dryness), and Detox (inflammation). When you come to ShotBar for a Glo2Facial in Lincoln Park, Chicago, you’ll be leaving with an Instagram-worthy glow that makes you want to ditch the filter for good!

Why We Love It


Our serums feature red algae, charcoal, blue spirulina, green tea, or vitamin C—each targets specific skin concerns.


The ingredients are 100% natural—no preservatives, dye, fragrance, parabens, gluten, or animal products.

Immediate Results!

Glo2Facials have no downtime, and you won’t have to wait to notice a softer, fresher, renewed you!

For the Science Babes

The first step in your Glo2Facial in Lincoln Park combines the OxyPods with the Primer Gel. This exfoliates and sends a wave of oxygen through the skin, priming it for the Glo2Facial Serum. Then, waves of ultrasound cause micro-vibrations in the skin for maximum absorption of the customized serum.

A “neo-massage” seals in the active ingredients of the Glo2Facial with a massage that encourages blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This final step also increases collagen production over time for long-term results. Yes, please!

The Play-by-Play

The Glo2Facial Process

Step 1


You start with an in-person or remote consultation, and become a Hotshot the minute you do! We get to know you, and you tell us about your health history and what your needs are. Then, we come up with a treatment plan based on your skin type and concerns.

Step 2


When you show up to Shot Bar for your Glo2Facial in Lincoln Park, one of our providers will lead you to a treatment room and make sure you’re comfortable before starting the treatment process. You won’t have to do anything but relax!

Step 3


While there are no specific aftercare instructions for our facials, we recommend drinking plenty of water before and after treatment. There is no downtime, and you can resume your normal skincare routine right away.

We Raise the Bar

Raise your expectations with our Glo2Facial in Lincoln Park, or get matched to a different treatment using our virtual consultation. Put your concerns in and get personalized treatment matches from the Shot Bar team!


Trust Us, Gorgeous

Shot Bar is all about the science, so we don’t mess around. We make all our patients feel like they’ve got beauty superpowers. Lindsey Sikora, our fearless leader, spent over a decade working as a nurse. Today, she offers medical-grade treatments that have been extensively researched. Shot Bar is a med spa with spice, style, and clinically proven technology. Why? Because your aesthetic ambitions don’t need subdued music and aromatherapy—just results.


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