CO2 Facial in Lincoln Park

CO2Lift PRO Anti-Aging Facial

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Consultation Required?


Session Length

1 hour

# of Sessions Needed

4 to 6

Results Duration

1 to 4 weeks

What It’s Good For

Fine Lines


Textural Imbalances

Lifting & Tightening

Dull Tone

Dehydration & Dryness

Dark Circles

Enlarged Pores

Contact Dermatitis


Vaginal Rejuvenation (CO2LiftV)

Make ‘Em Gel-ous

Is your skin a bit of a diamond in the rough? Here’s a little self-care secret, the Lumisque CO2Lift Pro Carboxy Gel treatment! This powerhouse of a facial treatment really defies the laws of fizz-ics. It’s made of the only carb you don’t want to eat— carbon! Shot Bar offers this CO2 facial in Lincoln Park, Chicago because of carbon’s incredible ability to oxygenate and revive the skin.

With the CO2Lift, you can soothe, revive, hydrate, lift, and tighten. We also have the CO2LiftV At-Home Carboxy Vaginal Treatment Kit for some really special self-care. (Wow!) Let this treatment be your heavy-lifting CO2ach, and attack your skincare woes with the element of surprise!

Why We Love It


The CO2Lift Pro treatment is a completely noninvasive oxygenation treatment, reviving skin with no downtime.


This treatment is anti-inflammatory, and it’s a great add-on to more invasive treatments or for healing post-surgery.

Intensive Hydration

No matter what skin type or concerns you have, CO2Lift Pro can increase hydration by 117%!

For the Science Babes

CO2Lift is mixed and applied to your face for 45 minutes. It works by changing the pH of damaged cells, increasing blood flow to bring nutrients and oxygen to the area, and promoting healing. The solution is applied in a thick layer on the area of skin to be treated and, as it gels, it permeates deep into the skin, instantly soothing, rejuvenating, and firming. CO2 is gentle and safe for everyone. You’ll see instant results, including an increase in hydration by an astonishing 117%!

What to Expect

The CO2Lift Pro Process

Step 1


As with any treatment at Shot Bar, we need to get to know you! We start with an in-person or remote consultation where you share your skin concerns and tell us about your health history and skin type. Then, we share our recommendations, come up with a treatment plan, and get you scheduled. This step makes you an official Hotshot!

Step 2


Come to Shot Bar for your CO2 facial in Lincoln Park without any makeup or products applied to the area being treated. Your provider will make sure you are comfortable, and if you have scheduled any combinable treatments, we will perform those first. Then, we will mix the CO2Lift Pro mask and let it work for an hour before lifting it off. In a rush? You can also opt to leave your treatment on and then take it off at home.

Step 3


While there is no specific aftercare for CO2Lift PRO, please follow aftercare instructions for any other treatments you may have gotten. You will see a noticeable difference after one CO2Lift PRO mask treatment. But we recommend a series of 4 treatments spaced apart by a week, with monthly treatments afterward for the best results.

CO2Lift Pro Glow-Ups

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We Raise the Bar

Shot Bar can raise your expectations with our CO2 facial in Lincoln Park. Or try our virtual consultation and let us be your treatment matchmakers!


Trust Us, Gorgeous

Shot Bar is obsessed with making our patients feel like beauty superheroes. With over a decade of experience as a nurse, Lindsey Sikora, Shot Bar’s medical director, offers proven aesthetic and skincare treatments. Her need for a med spa that merged style, confidence, and medical knowledge inspired Shot Bar.

Here, we’re all about breaking away from the thinking that aesthetics and skincare go hand-in-hand with boring waiting rooms and meditation music. We mean business, and our treatments are about results.


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